We’re so thankful to God for the people and circumstances He has used in establishing and maintaining our church. Following is a brief summary of the significant events orchestrated by God that have brought us to where we are today.

September 22, 1931

Our church began as North Detroit Baptist Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor Thomas Knudson (serving 1931-34). From its beginning, God has blessed the church with a wonderful core group of believers.


The church changed its name to North Detroit Baptist Church and called John Hopkins to serve as pastor (1934-44). Under his leadership, the church experienced rapid growth. Pastor Hopkins also led the way for the youth to be much more involved in the church.


The church called for Pastor John Hunter (1945-55). Pastor Hunter’s commitment to strong preaching encouraged the church to grow spiritually.


North Detroit Baptist Church appointed Pastor Buel Eldridge, a church member at the time, as senior pastor (1956-74). Pastor Eldridge had already been a fervent evangelist in the church for many years and his commitment to personal evangelism as senior pastor led to another period of steady growth for the church.


The church moved across the street to a larger building on East 7 Mile Road.


The church was ready to expand and received an offer for its 7 Mile property. Land is provided for a new building and the entire ministry moves to its current location on John R Road in Troy.


Bethany Christian School and Preschool were started to meet the physical and academic needs of our children and teens. Following Pastor Eldridge’s ministry model of caring for faithful servants “from the cradle to the grave,” the church also assisted in the development of Bethany Villa to help meet the needs of the elderly.


The church called Pastor Wesley Bliss (1975-83) to be pastor. He was known as a man of compassion and constantly encouraged the church to “keep on keeping on.” He also helped the church and school to be more connected than they had been, instilling a solid ministry focus in the education of the school.


The church was again looking for a pastor, and after much searching, called Pastor Michael Harding (1985-present). Under Pastor Harding’s leadership the church continues to see great growth as it seeks to “take the Word to the world.”


Remodeling the auditorium was the first major project done under our current pastor. Services were held in the school gymnasium while the work was completed. New pews, carpet, platform and choir loft brought an updated look to a building that was twenty years old.


Structural changes to the interior provided a direct hallway from the church to the school and added more nursery space, a conference room, redesigned church offices and a bookstore (the Armory Christian Resource Center). The lobby of the church was also updated and a welcome desk added.


As attendance increased, it became necessary to expand the auditorium and enlarge the platform to accommodate a growing church choir and orchestra. A dedication service was held when the expansion was completed with guest speaker Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. in what would be his final public sermon.


In September, the church celebrated its 75th anniversary with special events throughout the weekend including a concert, a banquet, and special speakers for the Sunday services.


First Baptist Music Academy was formed to provide an organizational structure for private music lessons in voice, piano, and most orchestral instruments. In connection with the Academy, Kindermusik classes are offered to children ages infant to seven years old.