General Information

Christ’s commission for the church is to make disciples taught in the Word and obedient to His commands. The goal at FBCT is to fulfill this commission by beginning with a foundation of faith in Christ and adding to that faith the qualities of virtue, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly affection, and love (2 Peter 1:5-7).

A wide variety of ministries are offered to help our adult members supplement their knowledge of the Bible and refine their skills in applying what they’ve learned.

It is our desire to help men and women know God, grow in their Christian character, and serve Him with a whole heart. We hope you will take advantage of the many training opportunities offered at First Baptist Church of Troy.

Adult Bible Study

Our adult classes meet in small groups to study and discuss specified portions of Scripture or topics related to Christian living. These classes meet Sunday at 9:00 am from September through May and generally follow age-based guidelines:

  • Foundations (young married; 25-35)
  • Homebuilders (35-45)
  • Defender (45-55)
  • Heritage (55-65)
  • Fellowship (65+)

The fall curriculum is “What is the Church.” A study of the doctrine of the church and its practical application to the believer.

Summer Bible Study Series

Several elective classes are offered from June through August on Sundays at 9:00 am. These six-week classes available to all adult age groups cover a wide variety of topics.

Summer 2017 Classes

  • So … You’re a Baptist – Pastor Preston Bayless, Choir Rehearsal Room
  • Christians in the Workplace – Mr. Arun Solomon, Room 108
  • My Banner Is Christ – Dr. Mark Wood, Room 110
  • The Time of the Judges – Pastor Mark Nowak, Room 111
  • Parenting – Mr. Dan Smith, Room 114

Family Bible Institute

Family Bible Institute classes meet from September through May. These classes, offering practical instruction in Christian living, follow the opening prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings. Courses offered in the fall are repeated in the spring.

2016-2017 FBI Classes

  • Christian Living: Biblical Financial University – Mr. Rick Barnett / Mr. Robert Lamm (first six weeks)
  • Old Testament Studies: Joshua – Pastor Mark Nowak (last six weeks)
  • New Testament Studies: 1 Thessalonians – Pastor Del Ward
  • Christian Home: Forever – Pastor Steve Allen
  • Practical Ministry: Presentations – Mr. Bill Shaul
  • Ladies Only: True Woman 101 – Mrs. Jacqui Allen / Mrs. Carla Bayless / Mrs. Jenny Harding

Other Opportunities

Many additional opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship as well as outreach and evangelism are provided throughout the year.